Together - Carry-On

$1,399 $1,825

Go on a trip in a carry-on suitcase for three weeks without worrying about your looks at your destination! Mimz takes care of you by offering you a set of 20 pieces making more than fifty looks for all occasions.

Get a FREE airport kit worth over $400 with this bundle! Your airport kit consists of the greige jacket, the cream bamboo pants, the ivory bamboo camisole and the striped round neck top.

Pay in four installments of $349.75 spread over six weeks, interest-free, with Sezzle.

This set includes:

  • Straight pants - Cream bamboo (value of $99)
  • Straight pants - natural linen (value of $89)
  • Fitted pants - black linen (value of $89)
  • Shorts - ivory linen (value of $64)
  • Shorts - zebra (value of $64)
  • Puglia skirt - Ivory linen (value of $134)
  • Halter dress - black linen (value of $84)
  • Long strap dress - blue striped linen (value of $139)
  • Bari headband - ivory linen (value of $84)
  • Camisole - ivory bamboo (value of $64)
  • One-strap camisole - black linen (value of $69)
  • Long-sleeved ivory linen shirt (value of $119)
  • Blue striped linen short-sleeved shirt (value of $114)
  • Ivory t-shirt (value of $69)
  • Zebra triangle bikini top (value of $74)
  • String bikini bottom (value of $79)
  • Black halter bandeau bikini (value of $89)
  • High-waisted bikini bottom (value of $64)
  • Greige jacket (value of $149)
  • Crewneck (value of $89)

You can choose the size for each item. The colors are predefined to make it easier for you when traveling, but if you want to change the color of certain pieces, you can. Copy/paste the following section with your choices into the note to cart section. For example, “Straight cream bamboo pants, size small).

    • Straight pants - Cream bamboo (size xs to xl)
    • Straight natural linen pants
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Fitted pants - black linen
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Shorts - ivory linen
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Shorts - zebra
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Puglia skirt - Ivory linen ( size xs to xl)
    • Halter dress - black linen (size xs to xl)
    • Long strap dress - blue striped linen
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Bari headband - ivory linen
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Camisole - ivory bamboo
    • (size xs to xl)
    • One-strap camisole - black linen
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Ivory Linen Long Sleeve Shirt
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Blue striped linen short-sleeved shirt
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Ivory T-shirt
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Zebra triangle bikini top (size xs to xl)
    • String bikini bottoms
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Black halter bandeau bikini
    • (size xs to xl)
    • High-waisted bikini bottoms
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Greige Jacket
    • (size xs to xl)
    • Black or taupe crewneck
  • (size xs to xl)

The Carry-On set is final sale given the $426 discount.

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