Mimz Swimwear has been created by Emilie-Rose Couture in May 2017. After two concussions in cheerleading in 2013 and several health issues, she had a diagnostic of a brain tumor. She has been operated twice and now her physical condition is perfect, but few scars are still there. Saying goodbye to her sport was really hard and to keep having fun in life, she turned into her second passion: fashion. She started modeling in her hometown, Quebec City, in 2015. Arriving in collegial, Emilie-Rose wanted to start a business on the side of her studies because her two parents have their own company and they inspire her a lot. The problem: she didn't know what kind of business she wanted to do, so she waited until she found her idea. In December 2016, she was leaving on a trip and she wanted to have a cute one piece swimsuit, but didn't find anything that matches her style. The idea of Mimz Swimwear started at this moment. 

After two years in business, Emilie-Rose wanted to do something new. She analyzed her own consummation behavior to see what kind of business she could start and could work. She quickly realized that the pieces she wears the most in her closet were knitwear and people at school too. After all, who doesn't want to be comfy? So she started to do her favorite thing: searching inspirations on Pinterest! This is how she alienated work and pleasure by creating Mimz Prêt-à-porter.

Émilie-Rose xx