My story

If you had asked me in 2013 where I would see myself for four years
years later, never in my life would I have told you with my
own company. I have always worked hard
and it’s paying off today. I always
fought to live the best life possible. When I
say "beaten to live", it is in the true sense of the word.
Here's where I was in 2013:
The hours spent in hospitals, I stopped spending them
count quite quickly. Here's what you don't know
probably not about the person behind Mimz.
I have a brain tumor. I found out after having two severe concussions. I was no longer functional, I had lost all the energy I had. THE
ringing in the ears, hydrocephalus, loss of consciousness, loss of appetite, depression, operations... It was a very dark time. It is with a force
supernatural that I got through all these trials and that I realized the importance of living each day
as if it were the last. I NEVER felt sorry for myself
about my fate by asking myself: "Why me?" I rather
accepted everything that happened to me and I rolled up my hands
sleeves to prove to the disease that I was more than one
sick little girl. I clung to my biggest
passion, fashion. I had dreams like everyone else, but I put all the eggs in one basket to get by and
achieve things that few 18 year old girls do. I have
so launched my business, Mimz Swimwear, officially on
May 24, 2017. It took a long time before I
opens up about everything I experienced, because I was ashamed of a
in some way, not to live a normal life like the
other girls at school. No one has the same journey and
it’s what makes us different and unique. Only we ourselves can decide our future and the impact we want
have (or not) on the company. I decided to hold on to
life and I no longer let an opportunity pass between my
fingers. I take them all to move forward each day.